One of my latest projects involves augmenting a journalism textbook so that students can use their cellphones to scan a page of their textbook and new information displays above the page. This collaboration offers new teaching and learning opportunities for students, and helps researchers and practitioners think through how to connect multiple mediums in different ways for new types of storytelling. The video is embedded here as an example of the content that is displayed. I shot the footage and created the music using Soundtrack Pro. I'll provide a link here soon for you to see example of how the process looks through the phone.



The videos in the first player below are a snippets from the larger collection of my professional work. Within the player you'll find the following: 1. The Rite of Spring at 100 overview 2. Basil Twist promo 3.  Anne Bogart/Janet Wong promo 4. One-Minute Montage 5. An excerpt from the award winning "State of the City" 6. Four Sample show opens 7. An excerpt from the award winning "Puppet Watch" training video.


Watch these videos to view some of my past work. As part of the $1.79 million dollar NSF grant I proposed that I create a resource library of Role Model Videos for mathematics teachers participating in the Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL grant project. I've created this set to showcase STEM careers and how math is used in the workplace.  These videos are then paired with complimentary math-based activities in order to maximize the learning potential.  For example, if a teacher shows the video on computer networking, s/he might have the students then work through a base level networking and path math problem.  The videos are currently used by North Carolina mathematics teachers and will be distributed to future participating schools/states.

This video selection below is from my multi-award winning Documentary "The Great Dismal Swamp: Glimpse into the Wild".


This documentary shares the story of the history of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia and North Carolina through a combination of archival research, historian interviews, and the City of Chesapeake's vision for the future of the swamp to protect the rich history. The full version is below.

Multi-award winning documentary on the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia/North Carolina. This copy is from a Beta dub of the documentary and was shot on Beta-SP.

Winner of a 2006 Silver Telly in the Documentary Category
Winner of the "Best of 2005" Virginian-Pilot Award - Documentary
Winner of the 2006 NAGC Gold Screen Award - Best Documentary

Directed and Edited by Jennifer Ware
Co-Produced by Jennifer Ware and Elena Peterman
Lead Videographer: Jennifer Ware with special thanks to Jim Hazel and Richard Hutt
Created for WCTV-48 the City of Chesapeake, VA