teaching statement

My teaching philosophy is informed by my desire to include theory and practice within every learning environment.  My mission is to create a student-centered atmosphere that fosters engagement and reflection. Within the classroom I facilitate in-class time to explore, practice, and foster discussion through a mix of theory and practical application scenarios.  Within department media and technology labs, I readily engage with all students who use the facilities to increase their understanding of new media equipment and the languages of visual styles.

These practica enable students to become not only technologically literate but also innovative in thinking though uses of existing technologies in new ways. I believe students bring knowledge to the classroom and include collaborative, workshop sessions to foster those ideas. Encouraging students to think in new ways and explore topics in-depth for different audiences, my classes enable all of us to explore how meaning is made through words, images, sounds, and video for different audiences and cultures.

While I am proud of all of my students, here are a few examples of some award-winning pieces my students have created.

Student work examples:

Hop the Gem - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Emmy Award Winner - PSA - Andrew Spoon, Photographer/Editor and Aaron Lockhart, Photographer/Editor

Life on the Red Line - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Emmy Award Winner - Video Essay - Hasan Abdul-Karim, Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor

Dayton Diggers - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Emmy Award Honorable Mention - Sarah Olsen Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor

Ohio NATAS regional Emmy award - 2016 video essay - Gi Yu Dojo - Video here

Powerless: Six Stories of the 2013 Michigan Ice Storm http://spartannewsroom.com/powerless

This collaborative coding and reporting project has won three first place awards so far.

There's something happening here - Daniel Hamburg https://youtu.be/8wNSWpFydPU Addy award winner

Also, check out some of our radio profiles on the MSU School of Journalism's iTunes U page.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/msu-radio-television-journalism/id9...


Student feedback:

Multimodal Composition - Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Literacies Upper-Level English Composition course at UNC-Chapel Hill