Digital Portfolio

The work outlined in this collection of materials encompasses my creative work with coding, the Arduino, Processing sketches, award-winning documentary and advertising work, and an HDR photography project.  Click each image below for samples from the collection.

Video Work
Award-Winning Documentary and video production work

The Great Dismal Swamp: Glimpse into the Wild

Forty-minute documentary on the history and future of the Great Dismal Swamp in Virginia and North Carolina.

Excerpts from the Carolina Performing Arts artists-in-residence documentation in progress at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to marketing and promotional materials for online audiences, a 15-30 minute documentary will be edited to highlight the creative and artistic processes of artists working with the Rite of Spring. Artists share insights into their approach into meaning making through dance, song, compositions, fabric, and wind.





Light Painting the pipeLight Painting: Composing in the dark with the textures of light

 This project grew out of my desire to rethink how I approach the creative process. Using space and time as a canvas to capture sets of images related to familar concepts, words, and phrases enables me to reframe my craft and stretch my storytelling boundaries. Because no image produced through light painting is ever the same, each photographic "draft" becomes the basis for new revisions in motion, movement, and light.







Decay Series HDR Photography interests: Small town technology networks and building decay

A project that involves capturing the architectural demise of once bustling towns now long forgotten by the rail. This project could be expanded upon using archival research, rephotography, and photo elicitation methods to explore the changing of transportation technologies that lead to small town decay.

Arduino and Coding

Tones of Discourse: The Arduino Project

This interactive code installation combines the computing powers of the Arduino and Processing to break through phonetic boundaries of conventional English language forms through reinterpretation into light and digital tones. A proposal installation for the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, NC is provided.