Project Examples

Advertising challenge

I believe providing students with complex marketing and advertising challenges from local businesses can be a central part of their learning experiences. Oftentimes, students may read case studies and read about marketing challenges, but speaking with real business leaders about their current challenges foregrounds the people impacted by those challenges. The following are a set of examples and the learning opportunities 

In the Fall of 2016, students in my Audio and Video Storytelling class met with recruiters from Reynolds & Reynolds to hear more about open positions and advertising to recent college graduates. The students conducted research about the company and surveyed college students about what catches their attention in both advertising and when they search for jobs. I then asked them to take their findings and create 3-5 second ads that could be used on a variety of social platforms. I provided the time length, because if users can choose to skip a youtube ad after 5 seconds, we needed to create something in this short form that could be eye catching and make full use of the short time span. 

The series below is a selection of the ads, created by small teams of students.

Group 1: Concept: #reyreylife and the work/life balance. 
Placement: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 


Group 2: Concept: Career trajectories and opportunities at Reynolds & Reynolds
Placement: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 


Group 3: Concept: Work hard - Play hard 
Placement: Facebook,, YouTube 


Group 4: Concept: The variety of careers available and the casual yet inspiring recruiter enthusiasm
Placement: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube 


Group 5: Concept: "Don't let your degree define you career options"
Placement: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram


Group 6: Concept: Student surverys and interviews looking for eye catching ads
Placement: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube  


Group 7: Concept: Employee creativity and freedom to innovate
Placement: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube 


Group 8: Concept: Attractive entry-level positions
Placement: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube