Light Painting Collection


The following is a collection of light paintings created with long exposure DSLR photography and "painting" with LED light through motion and movement to explore the textures of light.  This work is fused with my interest in bricolage, time lapse photography, and physical space as a canvas for meaning-making with texture and form. I have conducted three participatory workshops with light painting and continue to develop and share these techniques with others. You can read more about how I use this artistic process to theorize revision and text-based composing in my Enculturation: A journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture article "Composing in the dark: The texture of light painting." The light paintings below are used as the foundation for a series of light painting workshops that involves participants exploring their own creativity and working in the dark to discover the texture of light and reflection upon their own composing processes.

The first series, Power, hinges upon the nuanced flow of captured electricity to bridge new and old or broken technologies. We interact with networks of power, both physical and social everyday when new technologies become available and are placed within existing technological networks. This struggle and intertwining of devices is playfully explored through the robot, in need of power, who is at the same time becoming an old technology.

Series One: Power   

Series Two: Mixing Obscurity


Robot Lightpainting forcefield with red




Robot four layer forcefield


Robot breaks through technology


Power and light as a source of life and boundaries


Light reveals things hidden in the darkness




This series is a reflection of how old and new technologies become redefined and connected through innovation and reappropriation.  Light as a mask, is used to both reveal and obsure the changes in our devices over time. Time-displacement color mixing brings to life new shades of light within the canvas. When time is used in connection with the power of light, new insights are revealed in the form of color combinations, and others are obscured or covered by the light.


connections of light


The electricity of ideas flowing around well worn keys


Color mixing with light


Time-lapse color mixing with blue and red lights


using light to obscure


Light obscures the view of technologies used to capture the flow of ideas.


movement patterns and flows


Movement and patterns produce new colors and points of connection. What can we generate with existing technologies seen through a new lens?


end of the light


Ribbons and form flow to find points of connection.


Art Installation Ideas

This project, while currently a series of workshops for 18-25 participants, could be incorporated into part of an interactive art installation.  Specifically, the CAM museum in Raleigh offers museum goers interactive spaces and encourages participants to engage with particular installations. A short presentation either on video or via live performance could be demonstrated to show others how to paint with light.  Then, light painting kits with different bulbs and tools would be made available along with two cameras on tripods placed in the room.  At the enterance to the installation would hang 2-3 tablet devices connected via bluetooth technology to the live view mode of the cameras so that, as participants make their own light paintings, the paintings would be added to the larger collection of participant works and displayed via the iPads.  The images would cycle through for participants to see the work of others and generate new ideas for their own creations as well.  A series of created images from the artist (Jennifer Ware) would also be displayed.


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