light painting

I've been experimenting with the texture of light. This process involves DSLR long exposure photography and "painting" an area with LEDs.  You can see some of my work below and read more about the process in my Enculturation article "Composing in the dark: The texture of light painting."  I've found this process to be quite valuable in how it's changed the way I think about photography, framing and the compositional process of creating a Light Painting. Please note that the light is produced during the long exposure using LEDs and the images are not altered in any way in a photo editing program.  Think of the framed area as a canvas for the light.

The work is fused with my interest in photography, bricolage, and is inspired by the Aldwyth's Work V/Work N.  I've also incorporated my interest in the Arduino and night photography to guide my experience with light painting.  While to some this may look like a purely artistic creation, the process of this style of work has informed my thinking about what it means to compose and create with digital technologies.  Only through careful planning and creativity are we able to compose with light in this fashion. Only after the piece has been captured are we able to see what we have made. And only once do we have the opportunity to shape the light. No composition is ever the same as the one before.

While these pictures are very interesting to look at, I encourage you to try making your own as well because the process of making the composition is where I believe the punctum of these photographs can be found.  I took the majority of these with a DSLR Canon XS on manual focus, 50mm lens, 10 second exposure, 200asa, 5.6.

Keys and Light

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Robots and Light

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