HDR Photography

Travelling through West Virginia and Ohio I came upon the decay of a town once bursting with life because of a connected rail system. The impending storm and desolation speaks of the unavioidable effects of technological change upon once thriving communities. If I were to extend this into a larger project for entrance into art competitions, I would use rephotography, archival research, and HDR photography to create a collection of work about the effects of new/changing technologies upon old town networks and communities. My great-grandfather worked for the rail system as a depot agent in a small, midwest town. I would incorporate his notebooks and railroad signal code book from 1945 in an in-depth body of work related to midwest rail culture, connectedness, and decay in small towns.


Decay and the impending storm


Train decay


Impending decay of the railway



Decay and new growth

A small collection of photographs related to my interests in HDR with digital processing and exploring changes in town environments over time. I frequently photograph broken textures and colors, and have an interest in caputuring the loss of architecture.

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