Academic Appointments

April 2018 - present   

Associate Professor - Department of Communication
Co-Director, New Media Incubator

College of Liberal Arts
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio

Fall 2015-April 2018  

Assistant Professor - Department of Communication
Co-Director, New Media Incubator

College of Liberal Arts
Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio


Assistant Professor of Digital Media - School of Journalism

College of Communication Arts & Sciences
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Mi


Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

Institute for the Arts and Humanities
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC



PhD Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media
North Carolina State University (NCSU)
Raleigh, NC


MA Communication/Cinema Arts—Film Directing
Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA


BA — Mass Communications — Broadcast Journalism
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UW-M)
Milwaukee, WI

Research Interests

digital media, multimedia production, visual communication, communication and technology

Honors and Awards

Featured Speaker

Ware, J. (2014, September). Social norms influence student journalists' perception of wearable technologies. ACM Conference on Design of Communication. Colorado Springs, Co. ACM SIGDOC.


Proto Buildbar - 2018 Student Regional NATAS Award Winner - Commercial Parker Buhrman, Producer/Editor/Graphics

Still Jean - Matthew Sells, Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor

Team Bug II - The Warfighter - Abigail Umstead - Director/Lead Producer/Graphics/Lead Editor/Videographer, Anthony Davis - Audio/Editor, Bradley Weng - Producer/Videographer

Hop the Gem - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Award Winner - PSA - Andrew Spoon, Photographer/Editor and Aaron Lockhart, Photographer/Editor

Life on the Red Line - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Award Winner - Video Essay - Hasan Abdul-Karim, Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor

Dayton Diggers - 2017 Student Regional NATAS Award Honorable Mention - Sarah Olsen Director/Producer/Videographer/Editor

Gi Yu Dojo - 2016 Student Regional NATAS award Winner - Video Essay - Director/Cinematographer/Editor - Ed Sevillo, Wright State University

Powerless: Six Stories of the Michigan Ice Storm  contains a copy of the original site

  • 1st place: AEJMC Online Magazine 2014
  • 1st place: Best of MSU: In-depth reporting
  • 1st place Mark of Excellence: SPJ Region 4 Online In-Depth Reporting


  • Bronze Telly – “Health Matters” 2007
  • Silver Telly – Documentary “Great Dismal Swamp – Glimpse into the Wild” 2006
  • Best of 2005 – Documentary “Great Dismal Swamp – Glimpse into the Wild” – The Virginian-Pilot award 2006 
  • NAGC Gold Screen Award “Great Dismal Swamp – Glimpse into the Wild” 2006
  • Marcom Gold Award – Training Video/Film “Puppet Watch” 2005 International Award
  • NATOA 1st Place Award – Best Instructional/Training Video “Puppet Watch” 2005
  • NATOA Honorable Mention: Economic Outlook “State of the City” 2005


  • State Team Award – “What’s Growing On” 2006
  • NAGC Gold Screen Award: Documentary “Cyclemania” 2005
  • Bronze Telly: Government Business “Horizons” 2005
  • Bronze Telly: Government News Program “48 News” 2005
  • NATOA 1st Place Award: Best Newscast for a City Government 2004
  • Aurora Film Festival: Platinum Best of Show Non-Profit Documentary “All of Us” 2003
  • Cine Award – Byline 2003 Executive Producer/Editor
  • Milwaukee Press Club Award – Best Documentary 1st Place “Life of UWM Students” 2002
  • Outstanding Graduate in Cinema Arts, Regent University - 2003
  • Milwaukee Press Club (MPC) 1st Place Award- Best News Feature/Documentary – 2002  
  • MPC 1st Place Award- Best Photojournalism “Nicole” - 2001 
  • MPC 1st Place Award- Best News Feature/Documentary – 2001 “The Milwaukee Idea” 
  • MPC 1st Place Award- Best Feature Story “Tigger” - 1999 
  • MPC 1st Place Award- Best Photojournalism “Tigger” - 1999


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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ware, J. (2018). Wearable Technologies and Journalism Ethics: Students' Perceptions of Google Glass. Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication, 8(1), 17-24.

Ware, J., Hall, E.A. (2018). The Vibratorium. In Detweiler, E., Rice, J., and Graham, C. Rhetorics Change/Rhetoric’s Change Proceedings for Rhetoric Society of America 2016, Indiana University, IA. ISBN: 978-1-60235-502-6

Ware, J. (2018). From a friend: You’ve got to watch this! Electronic News, 12(2), 94-112. First published online 6/29/2017, 1-19. doi: 10.1177/1931243117716499 

Ware, J. (2017). Using Vine Videos To Teach Montage Theory in the Media Communication Classroom. Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication, 7(1).

Ware, J. (2016). Archives, museum objects and digital humanities: Supplementing exhibits with aural object contexts. Reconstruction: Archives on Fire 16(1).

Ware, J., Alumit Zeldes, G., & Hoewe, J. (2015). News as a Cultural Mirror: Historically Black newspapers reflecting public views of Loving v. Virginia (1967). Journal of Social Issues 71(4). DOI: 10.1111/josi.12144

Ware, J. (2014, September). Social norms influence student journalists' perception of wearable technologies. Refereed Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Design of Communication. Colorado Springs, Co. ACM SIGDOC.

Ware, J., Stein, S. (2014). Teachers’ critical evaluations of dynamic geometry software implementation in 1:1 Classrooms. Computers in the Schools 31(3), 134-153. DOI:10.1080/07380569.2014.931779

Ware, J. & Stein, S. (2013). From “Mentor” to “Role Model”: Scaling the involvement of STEM professionals through Role Model Videos. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 22(2), 209-223. #1 journal ranking in H-index Education and Multimedia.

Ware, J. (2012, November). "Composing in the dark: The texture of light painting." Enculturation: a journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture. Retrieved from

Stein, S., Ware, J., Laboy, J. & Schaffer, H. (2012, September). "Improving K-12 pedagogy via a Cloud Designed for Education." International Journal of Information Management, 32(5). doi: 10.1016/j.ijinfomgt.2012.07.009 Impact factor 2.042

Ware, J., Stein, S. (2012, June/July). "When will we ever use math in real life?" Learning and Leading with Technology, 39(8), 34-35.

Ware, J. (2012). Little Brown Handbook: Supplementary Media Materials. Pearson Longman

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Ware, J., and Cunningham, C. (2018). On the go: Reporter updates in the field with videolicious. In Seiter, J. S., Peeples, J., & Sanders, M. L. (eds). Great Ideas for Teaching Students (G.I.F.T.S.) in Communication. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Ware, J., Hall, A., and Stegall, S. (2014). Cultural critique, (first-year) composition, and copyright. In D. Devoss, D. & M. Riffe (Eds.) Cultures of/in/around/copyright.

Hall, E.A., Ware, J., and Danielewicz, J. (2013). Designs for writing: A metacognitive strategy for iterative drafting and revising. In M. Kaplan, N. Silver, D. Lavaque-Manty & D. Meizlish, D. (Eds.) Reflection and metacognition in college teaching

Applied Scholarship

Ware, J. (2015). Journalism and Technology – Augmented Textbook Lesson. In J. Bender, L. Davenport, M. Drager & F. Fedler, Writing & reporting for the media. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

Ware, J. (2011). Chapter E1, Presentations; Chapter E3, Audio Essays; Chapter E6, Business Letters and Resumes; Chapter E8, Digital Videos. In Anderson, D., Write now: Reading, writing, cultural networks. New York, NY: Pearson.

Invited Publications

Ware, J. (2014). Meme Mapping. In K. Harvey & J. Geoffrey Golson (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics.

Ware, J. (2014). Rich Media Ad. In K. Harvey & J. Geoffrey Golson (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics.

Ware, J. (2011). Cancer Networks. Encyclopedia of Social Networks. Sage Publications.


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Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations

Sanders, S., Hall, E.A. and Ware, J. (2018, June). Using clips of video games to teach rhetorical concepts…even if you’re not a gamer. Computers & Writing, Fairfax, VA.

Ware, J. (2018, March). Rhetorical bursts in the ambient soundscape: ‘Nat pops’ in the field. CCCCs, Kansas City, MO.

Ware, J. (2017, August). Epic Fail: How to get your students to experiment and be willing to fail. AEJMC, Chicago, IL.

Ware, J. (2017, March.) Sound as a Visual Medium OR The language of audio is visual. CCCC's Portland, OR.

Ware, J. and Cunningham, C. (2016, Nov.) On the Go: Reporter updates in the field with Videolicious. NCA 2016. Philadelphia, PA.

Peterson, S., Hall, E.A., and Ware, J. (2016, Oct.). Covering Communities by Building Community: A Collaborative Approach to Journalism Education. OCA 2016, Ashland, OH.

Ware, J. (2016, April). Sound action: Experiential learning with audio documentaries and museum artifacts. Presentation at CCCC's, Houston, TX.

Cunningham, C. and Ware, J. (2015, November). Using Vine videos to teach montage theory in the communication classroom. NCA 2015. Las Vegas, NV.

Ware, J, Hall, E.A., Bissell, D. and Kelleher, A. (2015, June). Composing with Creative Commons. A Technoliteracy In(ter)vention. Computers & Writing 2015. Stout, WI.

Ware, J. (2014, September). Social norms influence student journalists' perception of wearable technologies. ACM Conference on Design of Communication. Colorado Springs, Co. ACM SIGDOC.

Ware, J. (2014, June). The politics of the Interface on your face. Glassholes and the first-person perspective. Computers & Writing 2014 Seattle, WA.

Ware, J. (2014, April). Programmer-journalists, Technological Literacy and Composition. Oh, My! CCCC's, Indianapolis, IN.

Ware, J. (2013, May). Reverse storyboarding and multimedia genre assignments. Presented at Computers & Writing 2013, Frostburg, MD.

Ware, J. (2012, May). Disappearing online data? Screencapture as a research technique. Presented at Computers & Writing 2012, Raleigh, NC.

Ware, J. (2012, May). Composing in the dark: The texture of long exposure light photography. ConstrucTEXT session presented at Computers & Writing 2012, Raleigh, NC.

Hall, E.A; Stegall, S; Gossett, K., and Ware. J. (2012, March). Multimedia Building Blocks: Design Plans and Storyboards. Workshop presented at CCCC's, St. Louis, MO.

Ware, J. (2012, March). Easing the assessment angst: Storyboarding activities for the composition classroom. Paper presented at CCCC's, St. Louis, MO.

Ware, J. & Stein, S. (2012, February). Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL. Poster Presentation at 9th annual National Science Foundation ITEST Summit, Washington DC.

Ware, J. (2011, October). Still 'Live at the Scene': A quantitative analysis of timeliness in local television broadcast hard news stories re-published as online content. Paper presented at AEJMC, St. Louis, MO.

Ware, J & Brock, K. (2011, May). Tones of discourse: The Arduino microprocessor as translator and re-signifier. Presented at Computers & Writing 2011, Ann Arbor, MI.

Ware, J. (2011, March). Diversity + Busing = an “at-risk” model of education. Paper presented at CCCCs, Atlanta, GA.

Stein, S., Schaffer, H. & Ware, J. (2011, February). Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL. Poster Presented at National Science Foundation ITEST Summit, Washington DC.

Ware, J., Cayton, C. (2011, February). Teachers’ use of dynamic technology in the mathematics classroom. Poster presented at Math, Science, and Technology Education Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC.

Ware, J. (2010, November). “Mathematics Teachers’ critical evaluations of Dynamic Geometry Software in 1:1 classrooms.” Campus Writing and Speaking Program Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC

Ware, J., Cayton, C. (2010, February). Scaling UP STEM Learning. Poster presentation at Math, Science, and Technology Education Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC.

Ware, J. (2010, May). The Blueprint posting: form and style in an online discourse community. Paper presented at Computers & Writing 2010. Indianapolis, IN.

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Invited Conference Presentations

Ware, J. (2014, August). Student Journalists and Google Glass: Two Case Studies of student journalists and new technologies. AEJMC, Montreal, Canada. Featured Session Panel.

Supplemental Multimedia/Hybrid Materials

Ware, J. (2012). Writing purposes; Subject; Proofreading; Openings to Avoid; Design; Presenting Writing; Blogs; Library Sources; Synthesizing Sources; Web Sites [Supplemental materials] In Fowler, H.R. & Aaron, J.E. (Eds.), Little Brown Handbook. New York, NY: Pearson Longman.

Ware, J. (2011). Comparisons and Contrasts, Digital Video Strategies 1, Digital Video Strategies 2 [Supplemental material]. In Anderson, D. Write Now: Reading, Writing, Cultural Networks. New York, NY: Pearson. Retrieved from

Ware, J. (2011). Chapter 9, Proposals; Chapter 10; Explanatory research essays; Chapter 14, Understanding Research; Chapter 15, Conducting Research; Chapter 18, Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences; Chapter 23, Comparisons and Contracts; Chapter 25, Visual Rhetoric Strategies; Chapter 26, Document Design [Supplemental Materials]. In Anderson, D., Write Now: Reading, Writing, Cultural Networks. New York, NY: Pearson. Retrieved from:

Ware, J. and Hall, E.A. (2011). Brochures, Designing Effective Presentations, Informational Graphics, Internet Sources, Using Sensory Details [Supplemental material]. In Anderson, D. Write Now: Reading, Writing, Cultural Networks. New York, NY: Pearson. Retrieved from

Hall, E.A. and Ware, J. (2011). Causes and Effects, Drafting. Extended Definitions,Evaluating Sources 1: Bias and Credibility, Evaluating Sources 3: Summarizing and Paraphrasing, Fair Use and Intellectual Property, Narrowing a Thesis, Paraphrasing, Resumes and Business Letters, Revising, Summarizing. [Supplemental material]. In Anderson, D. Write Now: Reading, Writing, Cultural Networks. New York, NY: Pearson. Retrieved from

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Teaching Experience

Fall 2015-present   COM 1520: Introduction to Mass Communication - online course

This course provides an overview of the mass communication process and is a survey of the various media used today in the United States. There are a variety of ways to convey messages to the audiences and we will look at some of the mass media origins, methods and effects. We are also going to examine each of the media in terms of how they evolved, how they work and their influences on the mass audience. Then, we will use this knowledge to think through how might media continue to evolve and change in the future. This online version was created by myself specifically for our communication students and includes multimedia lectures/mini-films for each learning modules. 

      COM 4710: Special Topics - Audio and Video Storytelling

This course provides you with practical, hands-on experience working with audio and video storytelling techniques for a variety of industries. Using multiple communication styles and tools, you will learn how to research, plan, and create online audio podcasts, video profiles, multimedia stories and more. This course is important for students planning careers in journalism, corporate communications, public relations, advertising and other fields that use audio and video to communicate with their audiences. A student's final project from the fall of 2015 won a regional emmy.

      COM 3680: Visual Communication

This course provides a theoretical foundation of how photos and visuals are used to communicate with audiences for different purposes. In addition, students gain practical experience through a number of photography assignments including event capture, how-to photographic series, and other projects.

      COM 4110: Performance for the Media

This course focuses on the development of video production skills related to media communication. The class meetings will include instruction on basic reporting and production techniques, on camera performance, matters of style, content, professionalism and purpose. A constant emphasis in this course will be on our role as journalists and communicators who use video reporting tools to relay information to the public. 

2013-2015   Journalism 400: Online Newsroom - Michigan State University

The capstone course for journalism majors at MSU, this class offers students the opportunity to write, report, and produce multimedia websites and magazine apps as part of a newsroom team. Students learn to report stories using online publishing strategies for multiple mediums and reflect on the experience of using new technologies to report and publish the news. In the fall offering of this course, students used Google Glass to evaluate the uses of the device for journalists.

      Journalism 436: Creating Online Environments - Michigan State University

This class invites students to study online environments and create journalistic websites with enhanced user experiences. Students will learn the basics of journalistic editorial philosophy, judgment, and news values as they apply to multimedia news, information and public relations products. They will also learn to develop online sites that incorporate many of the elements of text, photography, typography, design, sound, animation, color and video

Journalism 306: Intro to Radio and TV news - Michigan State University

This course provides students with in-depth practical assignments and theoretical discussions of radio and tv news productions. Students in this course learn the foundations of audio storytelling for journalism outlets.

2012-2013    Instructor—Multimodal Composition—Upper Division Course - UNC-Chapel Hill

Developed and taught a course for the new Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacies writing minor in the English and Comparative Literature department. This class challenged students to analyze digital media environments and create multimodal compositions. Students developed projects using images, audio, video, and words. This course explored multimedia composing within the history of rhetoric and writing. Topics included the rhetoric of images and video; remix composition; memes; digital composition; contextually-specific images, and social media analysis in relation to multimodal compositions

2009              Instructor— Public Speaking —Communication 110 - North Carolina State University

Taught two sections of Introduction to Public Speaking in the fall of 2009 for the Communications Department.  Instructed students in the ways of formal public speaking techniques; created real-world assignments and public speaking activities. Students participated in public speaking scenarios including city government debates and rhetorical styles of public address.

2008              Guest Lecturer—Writing with Video Old Dominion University

As a working professional for The Virginian-Pilot, visited three class periods of graduate division English course writing with video. Engaged students in the research, discussion, and application of video interviewing techniques; taught basic Final Cut Pro editing skills, shot composition, audio techniques and basic troubleshooting procedures; encouraged students to think about multiple audiences and consider how each of the techniques are rhetorical choices.

1999-2001     Broadcast, Radio, and Print Lab Assistant University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Administration and maintenance of three journalism, radio, and TV labs as well as general upkeep for the central equipment office; responsibilities also included training of both graduate and undergraduate students to use linear and non-linear editing stations

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2015           Michigan State Museum – Research and augmented display

                   Work with museum staff to create new radio profiles about historic objects in the General Store


2014           50th Anniversary of the Michigan Community Mental Health Organization

                   Coordinate with WKAR on student opportunity. Students in intro to radio and TV news course worked with figures in the community to create a media plan.

Service (ongoing)

Spring 2018 - ongoing Member, Editorial Board, Enculturation: A journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture

Fall 2016 -ongoing    Reviewer - NCTE National Conference

Fall 2015-ongoing     Member - Communication Department Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Member - University level Health Communication Joint Search Committee

Member - Media Studies Curriciulum Committee

Member/Co-Leader - Media Incubator Committee

Leader - Media Technology Committee

2014-ongoing            Reviewer - Communication Methods & Measures

                                  ReviewerElectronic News

                                  Reviewer - SIGDOC

                          Co-Director - Media Incubator Committee

2014-2015 Journalism Undergraduate Curriculum Committee – Co-leader

                   Broadcast Journalism Curriculum committee - Member

                   Honors College Advisor – 4 students

                   MIS PhD Student Advisor – 3 students

                   BitLab - Member

                   Sandbox Curriculum committee - Member

                   Commencement speaker committee - Member

2013-now   Reviewer - Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media


2013            MSU Journalism search committee member

                    Graduate student resource - Job search panel participant and outreach to PhD candidates in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences at MSU.

                    Michigan Interscholastic Press Association – Featured Speaker -  Annual conference and hands-on discovery adventure for over 2,000 area high school students who are interested in journalism.

2011-now  Enculturation: A journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture – Technical Editor

                   Computers & Writing conference – Conference Organizer (2012), Website System co-Designer, Technical Editor

2008-2012 Harlot of the ArtsReviewer

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Professional Affiliations


         AEJMC Communication Technology Division

         AEJMC Magazine Media Division

         AEJMC Visual Communication Division

         SIGDOC – Special Interest Group on the Design of Communication




         Computers & Writing


         National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - Ohio Valley Chapter


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In the Media 

Valleskey, B. (2014, April). 3 Ways Google Glass Could Change Journalism.

Popiolek, K. (2013, August). Google Glass Gets Tested by Journalism Students.

Reiss, R. (2012, May). High School Math in the Cloud. National Science Foundation. Retrieved from

Newson, Cynthia. (2012, February). Scaling up STEM Learning with the VCL - Role Model Videos. ITEST LRC. Retrieved from

Rutherford, Sarah. (2012, October). Q&A with Jennifer Ware. The Daily Tarheel. Retrieved from

Guest Blogs

Ware, Jennifer. (2012, October). Another Look at Seminar Papers. CRDM Wordpress. Retrieved from

Freelance Experience

2009-2011 Landmark Communications/The Virginian-Pilot Interactive Media
Editor for online video advertisements

2009-2012 Nightlight Productions – Chapel Hill, NC

2009 Landmark Communications – The Virginian-Pilot Editor/Voiceover Artist – Career Connection Television Editor – Interactive Media

2007-2009 WCTV-48, City of Chesapeake – Chesapeake, VA

2008 Swimtac – Virginia Beach, VA
Commercial Editor

2005 Miller Productions– Chesapeake, VA 1st A.C. – “Letters of Faith”

2004 Three Blind Mice – Norfolk, VA
Camera Operator – The Swift, “Moshing Machine” 1st A.C. - Radial Angel “She”

2003 Coastal Video – Norfolk, VA
Camera operator

2003 One Cubed, Domestic – Chesapeake, VA
Offline Editor

2002 Vida Dura – Panama City, Panama
1st A.C.

2001 Q Sports Marketing – Milwaukee, WI
Editor – “Yahoo! SkySurfing”

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After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Final Cut, Avid Certified, iMovie, Camtasia, HTML, CSS, Drupal, DV cameras, HD Cameras, Beta cameras, Arriflex 16mm Film Cameras, Panasonic Varicam HD, DSLR and film Cameras, Soundtrack Pro, Pro Tools, Nagra, DAT, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Drupal, Lyric Certified, Lightningcast, OpenAdStream, VMIX, Basecamp, Jib Trained, SteadiCam Operator, 1st A.C., 2nd A.C., Professional Voiceover Artist, Basic Arduino programming experience, able to provide lighting schemes with creative flair, set design, studio design experience.


“Still 'Live at the Scene': An Exploration of Timely Television News Broadcasts Repurposed as Online Content”  under the director of Dr. Melissa Johnson

A content analysis of local TV news station hard news stories repurposed at online video. This project explores how discrete, repurposed hard news videos are contextualized when the stories are in an environment that promotes the process of development of a new story rather than a archival record of “yesterday’s news.” A new multimedia research technique is put forth within this project as a way to capture multimedia in context to explore changes in broadcast journalism processes because of convergence journalism.

Selected Grants and Fellowships

2018 - NSF Ethical STEM program Grant  - $500,000 - Under Review

2017 ACLS - Digital Publishing Grant - $150,000 - Finalist, not accepted

2016 - Co-PI -  Digital Extension Grant - $150,000 - Finalist, not accepted

2012-2013  Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute for Arts and Humanities and the Carolina Performing Arts Center

Liaison with faculty across disciplines to integrate the Arts into curriculum and coursework. Project involves documenting the 100th Anniversary of “The Rite of Spring” celebration in collaboration with the IAH and the Carolina Performing Arts Center, creating a digital archive in connection with the Carolina Digital Humanities project of course and video materials for future study, providing strategic communication media packages for online dissemination, and interviewing artists and performers in residence in connection with “The Rite of Spring.” Other responsibilities include teaching Multimedia Composition in the English and Comparative Literature's newly created Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy minor, making technology recommendations to the marketing and communications team, and producing the final report to the Mellon Foundation.

2012-2015 Institute for the Arts and Humanities Innovation Grant $50,000

Project co-principal investigator. Creation and scaling of an undergraduate online publishing platform in association with first-year writing classrooms.  Phase one involves creation of the online platform and testing at UNC-Chapel Hill and NCSU.  Phase two involves dissemination of the platform package to a number of WPAs and Universities.

2010-2012 Research Assistant – NCSU, National Science Foundation “Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL” North Carolina State University $1.79 million

Creation of a Role Model video library for Mathematics teachers. These videos were integrated pedagogically with lesson plans and in-class activities to promote concrete hands-on learning of abstract concepts. Responsibilities included design and production of PR videos related to the project, training of four graduate students to use video observation equipment and to edit with Final Cut Pro, writing and coordination of annual reports submitted to the National Science Foundation, and management of 19 role models with coordinating classroom visits. Creation, maintenance, and updating of Drupal-based project website and online professional development coursework space.

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Professional Experience

2007-2009 Landmark Communications/The Virginian-Pilot-Interactive Media Online Commercial Video Production Director Norfolk, VA

Saved over $100K in production costs by taking over production of weekly televised and online business oriented show; Responsible for project management and creation of all commercial online video for,,; creating product guidelines/expectations/new advertising products; writing scripts, directing, shooting and editing video advertising products; creating client management/video creation workflow process; encode, upload and schedule all advertising video materials, researching materials, equipment and methods used to increase employee effectiveness; maintaining/ordering equipment; creating video presentations; leading team meetings; with print and online sales teams to create online product sales strategy; researching and evaluating cutting edge technologies and changes within the digital media field to ensure a sustained leadership and success within the market; creating a cohesive relationship between print and online media from multiple departments to ensure mutual success.

2004-2007 WCTV – 48 City of Chesapeake, VA Public Communications Department Producer/Editor/Director Chesapeake, VA

Avid Editor/Director/Producer/Writer of Special Projects/Newscast/3+ Monthly Shows; Videographer, Graphics creator, DVD authoring, web conversion of television products; Co-Creator of 3 new television series programs, creator of training videos and PSA’s; Responsible for maintaining and upgrading 4 Avid editing stations plus the Avid server; Director/writer/videographer/editor/producer of multi-award winning documentary “Great Dismal Swamp-Glimpse into the Wild”; Director/writer/videographer/editor of multiaward winning training video “Puppet Watch”; Producer/Director/Editor/Creator of award winning “Health Matters”; Aerials videographer and steadi-cam operator; creator of how-toguides for new equipment to assist others with learning new technology

2000-2001 WDJT CBS 58, WI

Editor/Videographer Milwaukee, WI Overnight Photojournalist; Avid Editor/Airplay operator for daily “Morning News Express”; creator of the editing process and style for the newly created news hour program.

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Invited Lectures

Spring 2017 - Documentary Interviewing - Wright State University

Fall 2016 - Technology and Journalism - Wright State University

Spring 2014 -TC845- Foundations of Human Computing - Michigan State University

                    Technology apprehensions on both sides of the Glass - Discussed user and public apprehensions surrounding wearable technologies

Fall 2013 - Journalism/Advertising/Technical Communication 900 Pro Seminar -Michigan State University

Discussed the difficulty of capturing and coding online multimedia materials for quantitative research projects. Outlined my screencapture research technique and led students through hands-on training and critical evaluation of data collection techniques that gather rich online content.

Fall 2013 -Technical Communication Special Topics - Digital Footprints - Michigan State University - Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media Dept.

Spoke with students about privacy concerns surrounding new and emerging technologies. Discussion of Google Glass and other wearable technologies in relation to privacy laws.

Fall 2013 - Visualizing Information - JRN 203- Michigan State University - Journalism Dept.

Lecture on multimedia techniques for visual storyteling on online news sites. Included hands-on video breakout sections to enable students the opportunity to practice the concepts learned in this lecture.

Spring 2013 - Documenting the process of process: Autoethnography and artistry - UNC Chapel Hill Honors Arts Scholars Program

Several lecture and hands-on series to teach documentary and archival processes to students interested in documenting their artistic works in progress.  Highlights will include videography, ethnographic research, screencapture for digital artists, and archival management of footage.

Fall 2012 - Visual Content Analysis - Com 760 - North Carolina State University – Communications Department

Delivered an invited lecture to upper-level graduate level class. Outlined current research data collection techniques for online content analysis and highlighted a new data collection technique and archival process I created to capture multimedia in online platforms.


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