I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Wright State University.

My interests lie at the boundaries of communication, rhetoric and technology. Communication and technology have a long history. New technologies and tools constantly change how businesses and audiences communicate with one another.

I research:

  • How journalists use online tools
  • What students think about new technologies and how they use them
  • When CMS platforms cause communication breakdowns
  • How audio is a visual medium

I work with:

  • Google Glass
  • Augmented content and interactive print
  • audio and video multimedia tools

I have thirteen years of award-winning media experience including work for a public communications department of a city government, photojounalist/morning show editor for a 30 market television station, and was the online video advertising director/producer for the Interactive Media division of a newspaper company. I also have 18 years of freelance film and video experience and was previously a member of the National Science Foundation grant project "Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL" interdisciplinary research project at NC State investigating instructional technologies at the high school level.